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Specialty Trade Contractors Insurance in Oak Forest, IL

Keeping Contractors Secure

Specialty trade contractors, like general contractors, face a lot of risks, including equipment losses, injuries, vehicle damages, and lawsuits.  These and other risks can translate into significant costs and for this reason specialty trade contractors need protection.  Insurance provides this protection and at Jordan Insurance Services, we have a thorough specialty trade contractors insurance program.  We tailor this program to the needs of individual contractors and we’ll tailor it to you.  We’re a contractor-owned agency and we’re a national broker.  We serve businesses in Illinois and throughout Indiana, and as a result of our close ties to contracting and our large reach we provide the best possible policies for the right prices.

Specialty Trade Contractors Coverage Details

Most specialty trade contractors insurance policies come in the form of a business owners policy (BOP), which combines some of the most important coverages for business owners.  BOPs work in much the same way that homeowners policies work; they provide overarching protection.  However, if you need more protection than a BOP typically provides, you'll need to add coverages to your policy.  We’ll help you find the right coverages and we’ll ensure that your policy fits. 

We work with a large number of carriers in order to give you the greatest possible selection of insurance options, and the options in this selection from which you can choose include:

  • Business owners policy (BOP)
  • Business property coverage
  • Business liability coverage
  • Business income coverage
  • Business income for off-premises utility coverage (OPUS)
  • Computer and media coverage
  • Data breach coverage
  • Contractors’ equipment coverage (lease or rented)
  • Contractors’ tools coverage
  • Non-owned auto/hired auto coverage
  • Waiver of subrogation
  • Employee benefits coverage
  • Workers compensation
  • Business auto

In some cases you can combine your specialty trade contractors insurance policy with a policy for another kind of insurance.  It saves you time and money if you can make a combination, and if a combination is possible, we’ll make it for you.  Just speak with an agent.

What You Can Expect

We serve contracting companies whether they’re sole proprietorships or organizations with more than 5,000 employees.  We also serve contracting companies of any kind, whether they’re electricians, concrete layers, tilers, or carpenters.  We work closely with every client we serve in order to create the right solution, and once this solution is in place we monitor it regularly.  We keep clients informed and we manage risk, and this helps reduce the chances that damages will be sustained and that clients will need to use their insurance.  If insurance is used and claims are filed then we manage the claims.

Most contractors don’t know that they are under covered or that they’re overpaying for their insurance, and we make sure that contractors get the coverage they need and that they pay the lowest prices for it.  Contact us today to find out how much you’re overpaying and to find out how you can get the best solution.  If you’re ready to get started, request a quote.